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7 de septiembre de 2014

Mejorar aspecto visual en KOF XIII SE

Una manera de mejorar el aspecto visual de esta versión, pueden ver la comparación en las imagenes. Acabo de probarlo y creo que tambien deben hacerlo. ;)

If you like sharp pixels, here's what can be done with a simple SweetFX luma sharpen (and some vibrance):

Here's how it looks if you use the 'curves' setting (mode 0, contrast 0.75, formula 1):
comparison goes vanilla -> sharpen + vibrance -> sharpen + vibrance + curves
screens taken at 1600x900 resolution

1. Download
2. Unpack where the game exe is
3. Settings are in the "SweetFX_settings.txt" file
4. Turn on/off in-game by scroll lock button

If you don't mind a little oversharpened menus, set luma sharpen to the max:

// -- Sharpening --
#define sharp_strength 3.0
#define sharp_clamp 1.000

// -- Advanced sharpening settings --
#define pattern 3.
#define offset_bias 1.0

Otherwise set sharp_clamp to default 0.035. You should also lower it if you play in native 720p resolution which doesn't require that much sharpening. I personally play in 1600x900 with maxed luma sharpen.

As for vibrance, I used:

#define Vibrance 1.0
#define Vibrance_RGB_balance float3(0.50, 0.50, 0.50)

Modify Vibrance_RGB_balance if you want more/less saturation.

Luma sharpen and vibrance are the only effects I used.


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